Join the Club and the Club Membership Co-Op Cycler Program have LAUNCHED at EXACTLY the RIGHT TIME.  With the cost of meat rising in supermarkets across the country and the quality of the meat bought from your local supermarket being worse and worse, it's becoming harder and harder to afford good quality meat for your dinner table and your children.  You have the opportunity of joining Meats4Life as a Club Member, referring others, and cycling to earn your meat instead of having to pay for it out of pocket.

Our Cold Storage Meat products, depending on where you live, are supplied by either Colorado Choice Distributors (Stampede Meats) or Chef's Classic (Ellison)

WAIT!! Before you pay a higher price below, we still have 750 spots for ONLY $15 ONE TIME at the very top of the program as a launch partner.  Enjoy the same great benefits as regular price members without having to pay the higher price later.  Click the button below to pay $15 one-time and then return to your sponsor's page to register and join us at the top!!

Choose Your Membership Option Below
  • Annual Membership - ONLY $39.95/year - NO MONTHLY FEE
  • "Gas Card a Month" Club - $49/month - $10 Gas Card, Co-Op Starter Position, and $7 referral bonus EVERY month.
  • "Jerky a Month" Club - $63/month - 3 pouches of Jerky, Co-Op Starter Position, and $9 referral bonus EVERY month.
  • "72-hr Kit a Month" Club - $84/month - 72-hr Food Kit, Co-Op Starter Position, and $12 referral bonus EVERY month.
  • "Meat of the Month" Club - $140/month - 1 Case of Meat, 1 Co-Op Starter Position, and $20 referral bonus EVERY month
Select the appropriate option from the drop down menu below before clicking the "Click to Pay Now" Button
Meats4Life Club Membership Options
Biz Builder w/ Lifetime Club Membership
  • $699.95 one-time payment, no annual renewal fees.
  • All the Benefits of the Club Membership FOR LIFE
  • 1 - 7.0 cubic ft deep freezer
  • 3 cases of meat if you live near a Cold Storage Location. (Beef, Chicken, Pork, Seafood)
  • 100 Flyers/100 brochures
  • $100 Referral Bonus
Biz Builder Kit w/ Club Membership - $699.95 and the "Meat of the Month" Club are operated by AZ Gold Marketing 
in partnership with and as a marketing arm of Colorado Choice Meats.
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