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Meats4Life and the "Meat of the Month" Co-Op Cycler Program have LAUNCHED at EXACTLY the RIGHT TIME.  With the cost of meat rising in supermarkets across the country, it's becoming harder and harder to afford good quality meat for your dinner table and your children.  You have the opportunity of joining as either a Preferred Customer for savings of 10% to 15% of our regular prices, or you can join the "Meat of the Month" Club Co-Op.  Help spread the word and as you cycle through our program, you will receive gourmet meat selections straight to your door and into your freezer.  

Our meat is supplied by our distribution partner Colorado Choice Distributors, and comes vacuum sealed, shipped frozen and packed in dry ice so that it arrives frozen.  Choose from a variety of beef, pork, chicken and seafood selections.

Choose Your Membership Option Below
Preferred Customer
  • Savings of 10% to 15% on meat purchases made through a special purchase page in our members area
  • Up to 15% cash back on purchases from some of our partner products, including CutCo Knives, Tupperware, Linen World, and Barefut to name a few.
  • (Under Development) Save 10% to 25% at participating mom & pop businesses in your community when you present your Savings4Life Card at the register - included bonus to be shipped to EVERY member when ready.
Club Member
  • ONLY $49.95/year - NO MONTHLY FEES
  • ALL Benefits of Preferred Customer with exception of the meat purchases.  Club Members have access to 25% to 30% discount on their meat purchases outside of what the club pays for through a special purchase page.
  • 1 2x1 cycle and 4 Phases of 4 5x1 Cycles each, no matrix to fill
  • 2-Level Referral program... $10 1st level/$10 2nd level year after year for annual residual income.
  • Receive your meat selections within 48 hours of a completed cycle (5 people join you)
  • $500 Grocery Gift Cards to help stretch your Grocery Bill.
  • Bonuses of a Deep Freezer, Laptop/Printer, and BBQ Grill included
  • $1500 Cash Bonus for each completed Phase
  • Additional $700 Bonus Packages of CutCo Knives, Tupperware, and JR Watkins products.
  • Paid entry into the Housing4Life Co-Op to include housing assistance, healthcare coverage at 100% and paid entries in additional income opportunities.
Biz Builder
  • $699.95 one-time payment, no annual renewal fees.
  • All the Benefits of the Club Member and Preferred Customer FOR LIFE
  • 1 - 5.0 cubic ft deep freezer
  • 3  cases of meat
  • 100 Flyers/100 brochures
Ready to Get Started?  Choose Your Payment Option

Preferred Customer
Option 1: Join as a Preferred Customer using Paypal

Click on the button below to start your annual membership and pay $19.95 for your first year.  Once your payment has been made, please click on "Return to Merchant..." from the PayPal payment screen and you'll be redirected to the registration page.
Preferred Customer Membership - $19.95/yr
6-Pack Steaks
6-pack Seafood
6-Pack Pork
6-pack Chicken
Club Member
Option 1: Join the Club or Purchase the Biz Builder Kit Using PayPal

Click on the correct button below to either setup your annual subscription and to make your first year payment using PayPal or to purchase your Biz Builder Kit.   Once your payment has been made, please click on "Return to Merchant..." from the PayPal payment screen and you'll be redirected to the registration page.
"Meat of the Month" Club Membership - $49.95/yr
Biz Builder Kit w/ Club Membership - $699.95
(a $40 delivery fee for the meat is added at checkout)
Option 2: Mountain Paradise Freebies

**Use of the below option offers some savings on your first year of membership.  You will be responsible for activating your annual subscription  within 6 months by using the PayPal method above, but your first year payment will be refunded to you.**

Sign up for a FREE Mountain Paradise Freebies account (first time users only) by clicking on the image below, adding your email address and password you want to use to create the account and COMPLETING 1 CREDIT.  By doing so, Mountain Paradise Freebies is paying for your first year of your "Meat of the Month" Club Membership.  Click on the image below and get started right away.
If you used the Mountain Paradise Freebies option to sign up, once you've completed your 1 CREDIT REQUIREMENT for Paradise Freebies to pay for your "Meat of the Month" Club membership, send a support message and we'll send you the registration link by email. and the "Meat of the Month" Club are operated by AZ Gold Marketing 
in partnership with and as a marketing arm of Colorado Choice Meats.
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