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Hello, my name is Joseph Gannon, and I'd like to welcome you to Meats4Life.com, your online directory to grass-fed beef, humanely raised pork and other farm-raised meats, as well as other exotic meat options.

Online Meat Store

You may purchase RESTAURANT QUALITY meat and seafood products at considerable savings compared to retail for pickup through our cold storage release program, or you may place an online order from our other meat and seafood partners and receive free shipping on a minimum order if a cold storage location is not readily available to you. 

Cold Storage Release options:

Cold Storage Locations:

Other Meat and Seafood Partners:

Cash Back Shopping

Looking for a nifty gift idea for a friend or family member? Shop our online "Country Store" and a portion of every purchase is saved in a participation bonus pool to be shared equally with every member at the end of every year. 

Meats4Life Membership Co-Op

Additionally, you may participate as a Club Member, enjoy our LOWEST prices on our cold storage release products, and earn an additional income stream AND extra meat at NO EXTRA COST for simply referring others and advancing through our program.

We're working on expanding our co-op program into other markets than just the USA to include Canada, the UK, Australia, the Philippines and India, with other options coming soon in New Zealand and South Africa.

Regardless, feel free to check it out, and if it's for you, I hope to see you on the inside.

Right now, if you'd like to try a case of steaks without coming out of pocket, you can complete a few simple steps to earn a case of steaks, chicken, pork or seafood before becoming a regular customer.  Click on the sign to the right to learn more.
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