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Our delicious menu of  meat selections available through our cold storage release program is supplied by Colorado Choice Distributors and Chef's Classic.  Each piece of meat in each box comes individually packaged, vacuum sealed and flash frozen for freshness, and is 100% natural without hormones or antibiotics, USDA Choice meat.  Each box of product comes with appx 3 to 3.5 lbs of meat, with exception of the burgers which has 6 to 8 lbs of meat.  Each 6-pack case comes with 6 boxes.
The selections below are typically available through a cold storage release method, meaning either you pick your case up from a nearby cold storage to save money on delivery, or we have a delivery driver pick up your case and bring it to your home.
Standard Cold Storage Release Products
Before placing an order, please call (480) 228-3113 and ask for Joseph Gannon to make sure we've got meat available in a cold storage facility near you.  Visit our "Cold Storage Locations" page to view our list of available cold storage locations.
  • 6-Pk Beef  - $197  ($5.18/cut)
  • Savings4Life Card - $167.45 ($4.41/cut)
  • Preferred Customer - $137.90 ($3.63/cut)
  • Club Member - $99

  • NY Strips Marinated (6 6oz steaks)
  • T-Bones (2 18oz steaks)
  • Striploin Bone-In or Kansas City (4 10z steaks)
  • Fillet of Beef - Medallion (8 4oz steaks)
  • Delmonico Bistro Steaks (6 60z steaks)
  • Ground Beef Patties (12 5oz patties)
  • 6-Pk Pork - $164
  • Savings4Life Card - $139.40
  • Preferred Customer - $114.80
  • Club Member - $99
  • Stuffed Pork Chops (6 8oz chops)
  • Pork Tenderloin (4 12oz steaks)
  • Pork Roast - Southwestern Rub (5 12oz roasts)
  • Center Cut Pork Chops Boneless (8 6oz chops)
  • Center Cut Pork Chops Bone-In (8 6oz chops)
  • Sweet Italian Sausage Links (15 4oz links)
  • 6-Pk Seafood - $197
  • Savings4Life Card - $167.45
  • Preferred Customer - $137.90
  • Club Member - $99
  • Crimson Snapper - (12 4oz fillets)
  • Shrimp - Cooked and Cleaned - (2 18oz pouches)
  • Shrimp Red Argentine Raw Shell On - (1 32oz pouch)
  • Orange Roughy - (10 4oz fillets)
  • Tilapia - (12 4oz fillets)
  • King Crab Legs, Arms and Claws - (1 32oz pouch) or 2 - 14 oz Whole Lobsters
  • 6-Pk Chicken - $139
  • Savings4Life Card - $118.15
  • Preferred Customer - $97.30
  • Club Member - $69
Case Option 1
  • Plain - (8 6oz breasts)
  • Garlic & Herb - (8 5oz breasts)
  • Buffalo - (8 5oz breasts)
  • Southwest Mesquite - (8 5oz breasts)
  • Italian Bruschetta - (8 5oz breasts)
  • Tenderloin Fritters - uncooked - (3 lbs)
Case Option 2
  • Plain Breasts (8 6oz breasts)
  • Asian BBQ (8 6oz breasts)
  • Chipotle Bourbon (8 6oz breasts)
  • Lemon Pepper (8 6oz breasts)
  • Sun-dried Tomato & Basil (8 60z breasts)
  • White Wine & Herb (8 6oz breasts)
A $40 Home Delivery charge is added at checkout per single case, but $35 is refunded if you pick up your own case from cold storage.
If we don't yet have a cold storage location in your neighborhood (we're working on it), you may order from some of our partners by clicking on their banners below. Try some ostrich or bison burgers or sausages from Fossil Farms, order some Angus or Waygu beef from Nebraska Star, try some tasty jerky products from Lucky Beef Jerky, or sample some seafood selections from either the Crab Place or Lobster Anywhere and have all these products delivered to your door.

If you join as a Club Member, we'll pay for a standard rotation of meat to your door (beef, chicken, pork, seafood), and you will receive $250 bonuses packages of meats from all of our partners in rotation every time you complete a 4-cycle phase.
Exotic Meat Selections 
Burgers, Sausages and More...
Due to the nature of these products being raised on private farms and distributed from one location, the prices on the products below are firm and include a $100 2-day air delivery fee for frozen meat (10 t 15 lbs weight)/$25 for dry jerky products.  However, if we end up being charged less for shipping by our supplier, we'll refund you the difference.

As a member of our "Meat of the Month" Club, you can earn deliveries of your favorite meats without having to spend an extra penny besides your annual membership. Click here to learn how you can join the club and save!!

If you'd like to purchase other products like those listed below, click on our supplier's banner above.
Exotic Burger Sampler (7lbs + shipping) ............................... $153.70
Ostrich, Chipotle Bison, Elk, Emu, Lamb, Venison, Pork w/ Bacon               

Exotic Sausage Sampler (7lbs + shipping) ............................. $139.90
Alligator, Bison w/ Chipotle, Duck w/ Apple, Elk, Lamb, Rabbit, Venison  (NOT available to California)      

Exotic Jerky Sampler ............................................................. $80.80
Bison (1.75oz), Venison (1.75oz), Wild Board (1.75oz), Emu (1.75) oz, Pied. Beef (3.5oz), Kangaroo (3.5oz)
Specialty Seafood...
Crab, Lobster and more
While we offer a 6-pack seafood variety case through our cold storage release program, the seafood available through The Crab Place isn't available anywhere else.  These products are not the common fish and seafood products that everyday fishermen catch and sell.  These are specialty, gourmet products, hence the pricing.  However, through The Crab Place, we're able to get a better deal on shipping and we've included a flat $40 2nd Day Air to all prices below.

If you'd rather not pay the high prices below, you can join as a Club Member, refer others, and earn your meat, plus a $250 bonus package from The Crab Place, over and over again in rotation with a $250 package from Fossil Farms also.

For more selections than those listed below, click on the banner above and make a purchase through our affiliate link.  A portion of every purchase on our website, whether through an affiliate program or directly through our cold storage release program will be added to our participation bonus pool to be shared evenly with every member at the end of every year.  It's another way we say "Thank You" to our customers and members.
Maine Lobster Tails ................................. $195
(8 pk, 7-8 oz each)

Snow Crab Clusters ................................. $180
(9 pounds of clusters that include legs and part of the body)

Alaskan King Crab Legs ........................... $185
(5 pounds, 10 - 15 legs)

Maryland Jumbo Soft Shell Crabs ........... $202
(2 dozen, cleaned, frozen, individual packaged)

Red Snapper ............................................. $172
(5 pounds, 5-10 oz fillets)

Rockfish ................................................... $145
(5 pounds, 5-8 oz fillets)

Swordfish ................................................. $145
(5 pounds)

Big Momma Gulf Shrimp .......................... $158
(5 pounds, 10-15 pieces per pound)
Check out a couple of our other partners below, 
Nebraska Star Beef and 
Lucky Beef Jerky  
You can purchase directly through their websites or you may join as a Club Member and earn $250 bonus packages without having to spend extra.
Do you love Lobster?  Order Maine Lobster from Lobster Anywhere or Lobster Gram and they'll ship it directly to you door.  And a remember, a portion of EVERY purchase made from our website, whether from our cold storage release program or from some of our other partners when you click on our affiliate banners earns you a participation bonus (profit sharing) at the end of EVERY year.
Check out our other meat partners below.  And remember, if you participate simply as a customer, you will receive a share of company profit at the end of EVERY year when you order by clicking on the banners below every time you order.  By doing so it creates a cookie that is tracked which earns us credit to go into the end of year profit sharing pool. 

If you participate in our Club Membership, we'll pay for your meat deliveries in exchange for your networking efforts.  We'll also reward you with extra cash bonuses!!
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