Options for ANY Budget!!

Meats4Life offers Several Participation Options to Fit ANY Budget

Participate as a Customer
Just buy meat as needed at our already lower than retail pricing from our website and pick it up from a local cold storage if you live near one of our cold storage locations, or make a purchase from one of our other meat and seafood partners by clicking on one of their banners.   Every $20 of revenue the website generates helps support our Club Members.

Membership Options

1) Discount Membership                                   $39.95/yr
Save 50% on our cold storage release products only

2) Club Membership                                           $59.95/yr
Save up to 50% off our regular website pricing from our Cold Storage Release meat products.  Additional coupon codes for many of our other online meat partners will be made available in our members area.  Additional benefits shown below when you scroll towards the bottom.....

Biz Builder                 $699.95 One-Time

  • 3 cases of meat from our Cold Storage Release program ($600 Retail Value)
  • 7.0 Cubic Chest Freezer ($200 Retail Value)
  • Lifetime Club Membership with a new cycle position EVERY year for Life!!
  • $100 Referral bonus

Wait, There's More...

The Club Membership was designed as our income opportunity.  As a Club Member, instead of purchasing meat, you may refer other Club Members, cycle through our program and earn deliveries of meat to your door without spending an extra penny more than your annual membership.  Think of our program like a COSTCO MEMBERSHIP ON STEROIDS.  If Costco paid for your stuff for you simply referring of others to their membership, that would be hot indeed, but they don't. 
We do!!

As a Club Member, you will enjoy these benefits without having to refer a soul (but you'll earn them faster if you do)

  • $120, $360, $1440, $2500 and $5000 cash bonuses throughout the program
  • $500 Grocery Gift Cards to help stretch your grocery budget
  • NO COST Deep Freezer in which to keep your meats
  • NO COST Laptop/Printer to help build ANY business
  • NO COST Pit Barrel Cooker

Receive a $1000 "Home, Health and Beauty" bonus package as you complete a 4-cycle phase in our program:
  • Cutco Knives
  • JR Watkins package
  • Avon products
  • Country Scent Candles
  • Country Suds Soups
  • SoyL Scent Candles
  • Linen World
  • Le-Vel products
  • and many more options to be added.

Receive a $2000 "Emergency Preparedness and Security" bonus package EVERY completed 4 cycle phase in rotation to include options from the following:

  • Legacy Food Storage products
  • Wise Food Storage products
  • Valley Food Storage products
  • Patriot Pantry products
  • Food Storage and Survival products
  • DayOne Gear merchandise
  • Home Security monitoring reimbursement
  • Firearm and Ammunition

Receive a $250 Birthday Bonus every year on your birthday after your first completed Level 4 cycle.

Every completed Level 5 cycle pays a $5000 cash bonus and an additional bonus as indicated below:
  • 1st Level 5 Cycle earns the member a $25,000 Car Bonus (the whole car)
  • 2nd Level 5 Cycle earns the member a $25,000 Dream Home Downpayment
  • 3rd Level 5 Cycle earns the member a $25,000 Student Loan Payment

If you decide to refer others, enjoy $10 bonus for every annual Club Member referral.  You also receive a $60 sponsor bonus every time your referrals complete Level 1.

But Wait, It Gets Better...

Every Club Member is automatically paid into our sister Housing4Life Co-Op program designed to help everyone earn the cash to pay for their home so the bank can't take it away and pays for the member's healthcare at 100%.  It even pays for pet care and adoption services.

Every Club Member is also paid into our 2 other sister programs, the "Gift Card a Month" Club and the "Movie a Month" Club, which each pay for your movie tickets and mail out gift cards you can shop with instead of using your pocket money.

To learn more about how the Club Membership works to do all this, click on the learn more button below. 
If you're ready to get started, get back with the person that shared this information with you so you can pay for your membership and register through their page.
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