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Online Country Store!!
As a Club Member, you can enjoy cash back of 10% on a number of our partner products through this section of our website.  Click on each image to visit our branded shopping page for these products and more to come.  To request your cash back earnings, which may take up to 30 days from time or purchase, fill out the form on the "Cash-Back Request Form" page above.

After the cash back bonus has been paid, EVERY $10 of remaining revenue is shared with our club members in the form of co-op starter positions for perpetual earnings.
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Try Simple Girl brand 
dips and sauses.  Use code "SPRING17" when checking out for a 50% discount. 
Grab a giant beach towel the whole family can share.  Spend $100 or more and receive 7.5% cash back on your purchase.  
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Receive 10% cash back on every purchase of $100 or more of 
Gano Brand Healthy Coffee.  
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Receive 15% cash back on every purchase of $100 or more of barefut essential oils.  Click the image below.
Planning a garden?  Get 10% cash back when you purchase your seeds from SeedsNow.com by clicking on the image below.  Start Your Garden the "SeedsNow Way."
(A minimum of $100 purchase is required to qualify)
Need new linens?  Shop Linen World by clicking on the image below and receive 10% cash back on a $100 minimum purchase.  Shop TODAY!!
Looking for a new pair of shades?  Shop Johnny Shades for the whole family, spend a minimum of $100, and earn 20% cash back.  
Try Johnny Shades and cover your eyes with style. 
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Try some new threads from On Cue Apparel, and when you spend $100 or more, you'll earn a 10% cash back bonus.  Click the image below to shop today.
Lady Carnivores..try a new look with clothing from ZAFUL.  Spend at least $100 and receive a 10% cash back bonus!! Click below to discover the new you with ZAFUL!!
Need Website Views?  Try Visitor Boost by clicking below.  For every purchase of $100 or more, you'll earn 10% cash back.  Get Your Website Seen TODAY!!
Are you struggling with your faith?  Invest in building a relationship with your Savior with Faithbox.  Receive a monthly box of uplifting, faith-promoting material to help you anchor your life in Him.  Spend $100 and earn $25 cash back.
Looking for a new wardrobe?  Check out GAMISS for apparel for the whole family.  Use coupon code "HELLOGAMISS" at checkout for 15% off.  Spend at $100 and earn 15% cash back
Get Your Bling on with Ring Lane.  Use coupon code "RLLOVE20" at checkout for 20% off your purchase.  Spend $100 or more, you'll receive a 20% cash back bonus from Meats4Life!!  
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Order organic grains and others products for your family.  Spend at least $100 and we'll give you 7.5% cash back.  Click below!!
Need Ink for your printer?  Click on the banner below and save BIG!!  Spend at least $100 an we'll give you 14% cash back on your purchase!!
Receive 10% cash back on every purchase of $100 or more of Cutco Products.  Click the image below and start your Cutco Collection.
Enjoy Your Favorite J. R. Watkins Products, all 
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Enjoy tasty dips for parties or just whenever you have a dip craving.  Receive a 15% cash back bonus when you purchase $100 or more in dips or other stuff.  Click on the image below
Try Basic Reset products and "Reset" Your Life!!  Receive 20% cash back on EVERY Basic Reset product purchase of $100 or more.  Click on the image below to start.
Ever had a healthy milkshake?  Well, now you can.  Click on the button below and enjoy 10% cash back when you purchase $100 or more of protein milkshake powder.
Like Gift Baskets?  Save 10% on your designed gift basked with promo code "SAVEME10."  Spend at least $100, and we'll give you 15% cash back. 
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Is your family getting eaten alive by nasty mosquites?  Get Mosquito Guard TODAY!! Spend at least $100 and you'll earn 10% cash back!!
Got critters?  Purchase at least $100 worth of products and earn a $20 cash back bonus!!
Everyone deserves a comfortable night of sleep.  With Nectar's "Forever Guarantee," you can't go wrong.  Give a Nector bed a try and we'll give you a $50 cash bonus!!  Click below!!
Men...need a new suit?  Shop Mens USA and dress to impress.  Spend $100 or more, you'll save 50% from their website and we'll give you an extra $10.
Allergic to Gluten?  Try some Gluten Free snacks and get 25% off your first snack box.  Join their monthly club and we'll give you an extra $15 cash back.
Do you enjoy the outdoors, especially kayaking?  What about a clear kayak that allows you to see the life beneath you?  Make a purchase and we'll give you $50!!  Click below.
Need long-lasting affordable lighting for your home or office?  LED lights bring your electricity cost down considerably.  Click on the banner below, make a purchase of $100 or more, and we'll give you a 10% cash back bonus!!
Spend at least $100 on ink from 499inks.com and we'll give you 10% cash back!!  Click on the banner below!!
Need a gift for Father's Day Coming up?  A Necktie always makes a great gift, especially when you can earn cash back on your purchase.  Click on the banner below, spend at least $100, and we'll give you 15% cash back!! 
Spark Naturals offers an array of AWESOME products to help give your body the boost and healing touch it needs. Earn a 7.5% cash back bonus for every purchase of $100 or more!!  Click below.
Everyone needs one of these cool pieces of luggage.  It's the luggage that everyone needs.  A built-in shelf right inside.  How cool is that?  Spend a minimum of $100 by clicking on the banner below and you'll earn a 7.5% cash back bonus!!