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When buying meat to feed your family, you want to buy the best, freshest products.  You want to purchase all-natural grain or grass fed beef without hormones or other chemicals, and this is one of the best reasons to buy from Colorado Choice through our Meats4Life website.  Below are some additional articles to get you thinking twice about buying meat from your grocery store or local butcher. 
Meats4Life - Quality Guaranteed

Meats4Life promotes the best quality products for your family's consumption.  All beef, chicken, pork, and seafood products are vacuum sealed and flash frozen to preserve freshness on the same day they are cut from the cow, pig, chicken or sea life.
  • 100% natural, no hormones
  • USDA certified
  • Flash-frozen and vacuum sealed to preserve freshness - (Aged meat is NEVER good for you, because the longer meat has access to the air, the easier it is to get bacteria and for spoilage to occur)
  • ALL edible portions (no trimmings) - Just thaw it, grill it, and eat it!! 
What's the Actual Cost?

Published reports indicate that most shoppers believe that the actual cost per pound reflects the true value of steak.  Reports from the U.S. Department of Agriculture suggest otherwise.

The key word here is “EAT!”  The real cost of beef is the cost per edible serving.  The fat and bone that is trimmed before cooking or left on the plate may be part of the total cost of the beef, but the best indicator of eating value per dollar is cost per edible portion.

Buy a Case or Join the Club

When you purchase a case of meat through our website, you're paying roughly $5 a piece ($197, for pickup at a local cold storage) when you purchase a beef combo case (38 cuts of meat)... That's HUGE savings and HUGE value.

Or, you can join Meats4Life as a Club Member for $39.95/year, refer a few friends and build networks of people saving money on their meat through our membership, and you will enjoy pickup or home delivery of your favorite cuts of beef, chicken, pork, or seafood to your door at NO COST TO YOU other than the cost of the membership.
(Below are some images of prices from supermarkets in the Phoenix, AZ area indicating the high, per pound pricing.  I'm sure you can find comprable pricing in your area.) and the "Meat of the Month" Club are operated by AZ Gold Marketing 
in partnership with and as a marketing arm of Colorado Choice Meats.
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