Pre-Launch Special Offer

Join Our Team in the BIGGEST Opportunity EVER 
FOR ONLY $15!! 
Offer Available to the First 1000 ONLY

The "Meat of the Month" Cycler Program WILL LAUNCH at EXACTLY the RIGHT TIME.  With the cost of meat rising in supermarkets across the country, it's becoming harder and harder to afford good quality meat for your dinner table and your children.  You have the opportunity of taking advantage of this opportunity at the TOP of the Food Chain as one of our partners.  Help spread the word and as you cycle through our program, you will receive gourmet meat selections straight to your door and into your freezer.  Our meat is supplied by our distribution partners Colorado Choice Distributors and Chef's Classic Fine Foods,  and each piece comes vacuum sealed, shipped frozen and packed in dry ice so that it arrives frozen.  Choose from a variety of beef, pork, chicken and seafood selections.

Review the benefits below and join the club.  This special offer is only good to the first 1000 partners.

**Please understand that this $15 opportunity is a partner opportunity.  You are coming in at the very top of a brand new opportunity.  You are all like affiliates with member benefits.  Once you have paid your $15 one-time using one of the options along the left column, YOU WILL NEVER HAVE TO PAY ANOTHER DIME!!

**Compensation:  While in pre-launch, each launch partner is compensated $5 for every $15 partner he/she brings in (as of March 1st).  The $15 pays your referral into all 3 sister programs for savings on meats and NO COST movie passes and gift cards as each member refers others and cycles once we launch.**

Preferred Customer
  • ONLY a $15 one-time refundable deposit during our pre-launch; $19.95 annually once we launch business - NO MONTHLY FEES (new members post launch)
  • Save 10% to 15% on direct meat purchase through a special page of our website
  • Save 10% to 25% at participating merchants with the AZ Gold / Savings4Life Loyalty Card (under development, included with membership)
  • Receive up to 20% CASH BACK from every Cutco, Tupperware, JRWatkins purchase through our "Meats4Life Country Store."  More to be added
Meat of the Month Club

  • ALL Preferred Customer Benefits plus...
  • ONLY $15 one-time refundable deposit during pre-launch; $49.95/year when we launch to the masses - NO MONTHLY FEES
  • 4 Phases of 4 5x1 Cycles each, no matrix to fill
  • 2-Level Referral program... $10 1st level/$10 2nd level year after year for annual residual income.
  • Receive $42 Membership Rebate when you complete your first cycle and a $42 sponsor match when each of your referrals complete their first cycle, over and over again
  • Receive your meat selections within 72 hours of a completed cycle
  • $1500 Cash Bonus for each completed Phase
  • $500 Grocery Gift Cards throughout program
  • $500 bonus packages of Cutco, Tupperware, and JR Watkins products every completed 4 cycle phase in rotation (Cutco, Tupperware, JR Watkins)
  • $250 Gift Card for Fossil Farms products EVERY completed 4 cycle phase
  • BONUS.. Receive an additional PAID entry into the Housing4Life Co-Op for house money, healthcare and more when you complete each 4 cycle phase
Additionally, Club Members may refer Preferred Customers and earn a $10 referral bonus and a 25% profit share on EVERY purchase made by personally referred Preferred Customers.

Ready to Get Started?

Option 1: Paypal

Make your $15 one-time payment using PayPal by clicking on the "CLICK TO PAY NOW" button below.  

****PLEASE NOTE: Once your payment has been successfully made, click on "Return to Merchant" on the Paypal payment screen, and you will be redirected to the registration page.****

 Option 2: Instant Rewards

Open a FREE Starter Instant Rewards account, by clicking on the banner below, COMPLETE 1 CREDIT, and Instant Rewards will send us the money to get you started in our opportunity.  But, YOU MUST COMPLETE 1 CREDIT to get started, or you can take advantage of option 2 below.

Some easy options to take advantage of to meet the requirements of this offer would be:
  1. Purchasing a domain as a NEW customer (new email address and phone number is fine)
  2. Signing up for the FREE trial of Cinematrix and watching one movie on your computer
  3. And others...
If you used Instant Rewards  as your method of paying your deposit, please send a support request with your details and we'll send you the registration link by email.

Sister Programs Included for additional benefits!

We're also building our marketing team in our sister opportunities also.  Your $15 payment gets you into all 3 opportunities for unlimited deliveries of meat to your freezer and gift cards and movie passes to your mailbox, $500 rebates EVERY YEAR when you mail in your saved movie ticket stubs, and PAID VACATIONS for life.  Click on each image below to learn more about these programs. and the "Meat of the Month" Club are operated by AZ Gold Marketing in partnership with and as a marketing arm of Colorado Choice Meats Additionally, Instant Rewards is NOT connected in any way, shape or form to  As a marketing partner of Instant Rewards, we are compensated when you open an Instant Rewards account and complete 1 CREDIT.  Independently of Instant Rewards, we are using our partner compensation and depositing those funds into this program on your behalf.  Copyright @ 2016 and Beyond