The Pit Barrel Cooker

Every "Meat of the Month" Club Member Will Receive a 
Pit Barrel Cooker... INCLUDED!!
Meats4Life Club Member Benefits...
  • ONLY $39.95/yr
  • 2-Level Referral program $10/$10
  • Earn cash bonuses of $60, $180, $720, $2500 and $5000 to PayPal over and over throughout the program
  • Deep Freezer, Laptop/Printer combo, and a Pit Barrel Cooker
  • PAID entry into the Housing4Life Co-Op for housing and healthcare assistance and more...
  • PAID entries into 2 sisters program for a lifetime of movie theater gift cards and other gift cards
  • $500 in products from Cutco, Tupperware, JR Watkins and others in rotation EVERY Level 4 Cycle
  • $500 Grocery Gift Card throughout program to help stretch grocery budget.
  • $500 Fuel Gift Cards EVERY level 4 cycle.
  • $250 Birthday Bonus
  • $1000 Emergency Preparedness Bonus EVERY Level 4 Cycle