India Meat Partners

Chik Meat
Online Meat Store
Kadal Unavu
Seafood and Meat Co.
Good to Go Store
Taaza Meat Online
India Meat Menu
Our menu for India is a little different as a we don't have the cold storage release program.  We've put together a listing of online meat sales partners for you to glance through.  They provide services based on province.  

If you simply want to shop online and pay out of your own pocket for your meats there in your neighborhood, you may do so to your heart's content.  

However, if you feel friendly and you're willing to build networks to be able to save money on your meats, ultimately earning your meat orders, you may join as a Club Member, refer others, and cycle to earn your meat orders.  We pay for your meat when you refer your friends to our Club Membership.  We also put some money in your pocket too.  Click the button below for details and to join the Club!!