Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the “Meat of the Month” Club? It is a membership cycler program that helps you save money on your meat purchases through a Co-Op setting. As new memberships are sold and registrations received, this collective effort of the masses is what allows our program to pay for your meat and ship it to you. As the membership dollars are managed in a series of levels and cycles, each member that advances through the various levels of the program, as they cycle, receive to their doorstep their meat (Please see the "How It Works" page for more details).
  • How much does it cost to join? Once we launch, the membership cost will be $49.95/year.
  • What do I receive when I join?
  1. Every member, upon joining, will be given access to a general members area with promotion tools and a replicated version of the homepage with their name on it, so prospects know whose name to indicate when signing up.
  2. Every member will receive placement in our "Meat of the Month" Club cycler program, beginning with a quick 2x1 cycle, which, when completed, advances the member into the first program cycle.
  3. Every member will also have access to other resource and downloadable materials, eBooks, that come with the membership.
  4. Every member will receive lifetime banner advertising for up to 4 other opportunities on display throughout our partnership of websites. Banners will display on EVERY replicated member page for life.
  • How old do I have to be to join? We allow anyone 18 years of age or older, with a valid Paypal account and checking account to participate in our opportunity.
  • Where is your program available? Anyone in any country that can use Paypal to both send and receive may participate in this opportunity. While the meat is currently only available in the US, international members may participate in referring others and earn cash each completed cycle and phase.
  • What is GoldMoney? GoldMoney is an platform, like PayPal, that offers you a saving account backed by gold. It’s under launch stages right now, and it will function like Paypal as a payment platform for sending and receiving payments, but with money backed by gold.
  • Do I have to sign up for a GoldMoney account? No, you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do, but we promote GoldMoney through some of our promotions anyway to give you something of better value. It will be a smart move on your part to sign up for a GoldMoney account and enjoy the benefits. You may open a FREE GoldMoney account and make your first deposit by clicking here.
  • What is Paradise Freebies? Similar to other online services like "Zip Nada Zilch" and "Instant Rewards," Paradise Freebies is a PPA (Pay Per Activity) website. Hundreds of product companies get to save a fortune on advertising and pass on that advertising money to you as a participant when you refer others through these such websites. And while participation is optional, through participation in some of the free or low cost trial offers through Paradise Freebies, you can enjoy considerable savings either on your direct purchase of meat or participation in our "Meat of the Month" Club.
  • How good is your meat and where does it come from? Our meat is the freshest product that has ever been offered by Colorado Choice Meats in their 40 years in business. USDA approved, 100% natural, without the trimmings, and it comes flash frozen, vacuum sealed and shipped in dry ice for sealed-in freshness.
  • I’m a vegetarian, I don’t eat meat. While we don’t offer any vegetarian options at the moment, you don’t have to receive the meat. You can participate, refer other meat eaters, and you can earn the cash as you cycle instead. While we currently don’t have non-meat products, it’s a plan to offer garden burgers as an option when we find a supplier interested in participating in our direct sales opportunity.
  • How do I earn money from this opportunity, or is it just a meat subscription? While the “Meat of the Month” Club helps by covering the cost of meat for every participant, each member also earns monetary compensation as well, in addition to other bonuses paid for by the program. Our program pays a 2-level referral bonus on the $49.95/year membership, which renews every year for residual income. The more you refer, the more you make in residual income every month, year after year. If you select one of the leaner meat options based on your location, you’ll also earn a mixture of meat and money every cycle through the program. Every member also receives an additional $2500 bonus for every 4-cycle phase. Additionally, for EVERY 4-cycle phase each member completes, he/she will receive a paid entry into our sister programs... Groceries4Life and the Housing4Life programs for additional income streams and perks to help stretch your spending budget, housing money, healthcare coverage, and paid entries into additional opportunities for multiple streams of income...
  • How do I receive the FREE laptop/printer, deep freezer and bbq grill? While we prefer the words “NO COST” as opposed to free, you don’t have to pay for the laptop, printer, or freezer directly. These bonus items are budgeted for and paid for by the program.
  • What is a cycle? A cycle is indicated by how many members join you in your first level directly below you in any given stage, level, phase or tier of the program. For instance, a 5x1 cycle means that 5 members join you on your 1st level directly below you. This completes a cycle and triggers a payment, a higher placement, and some cases a repeat placement to begin again.
  • If I don't want to participate, can I just buy meat? Of course you can just buy meat. Through our Meats4Life website, we offer a "Buy a Case" purchase option if you just wish to purchase a box or case directly. A delivery charge is included in the price for all boxes or 6-pack cases.
  • Do you offer samples of your meat? While we don't offer FREE samples per se, we have put together a promotion through our partnership with Paradise Freebies and a few of the nation's BEST Pre-Paid Card companies to help you receive up to 2 boxes at NO COST to you. Minimal participation is required, but you can enjoy cash bonuses for participating which offsets any trial offers you take advantage of through Paradise Freebies or cash load fees you might incur by taking advantage of the Pre-Paid Card cash offers. For details on this promotion, click here. and the "Meat of the Month" Club are operated by AZ Gold Marketing 
in partnership with and as a marketing arm of Colorado Choice Meats.
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