Eating Meat is Healthy

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Most doctors will tell you that even eating a little meat provides for a healthier diet.  There is more protein in meat than you can get from vegetables or vegetable products.  Below are some articles to prove this and provide other reasons.
Based on the findings from the articles above, it's clear to see that there are more pros to including meat in a healthy balanced diet than there are cons.  Below are some specific articles relating to the health benefits of eating different kinds of meat (beef, pork, chicken, seafood) to dissolve any myths you might have otherwise.
There are NO antibiotics in our meat
One common concern is that antibiotic residue is found in the meat we consume.  The fact is that we're being lied to by the liberals and the leftist media.  The article below points out that while antibiotics are used by farmers, there's a withdraw period to ensure that no antibiotic residue remains in the animal before it's sent to be slaughtered.  You can sleep easy now.  The biggest concern you should have is how the meat is treated in the processing plant to preserve it for sale by their supermarket partners. and the "Meat of the Month" Club are operated by AZ Gold Marketing 
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