NO COST Food Storage for EVERY Club Member

Every Meats4Life Club Member will receive a NO COST $1000 Food Storage and Emergency Gear package from our partners in rotation!!
We at Meats4Life, while our original purpose was to help people all around the country save money on their meat and put more money in their pocket, we believe it's also equally important to "Be Prepared" during times of crises.  You never know when you'll have your power back on or where your next meat is going to come from is you don't have what you need already beforehand.

We've partnered with some of the best food storage and emergency preparedness companies around to give you access to the best products, companies such as Legacy Food Storage, Wise Food Storage, Valley Food Storage and DayOne Gear.  

As a Meats4Life Club Member, you have the opportunity of actually earning these products without having to pay out of pocket for them.

Not only will you receive $1000 in Legacy Food Storage, Wise Food Storage, Valley Food Storage, My Patriot Supply, and DayOne Gear products rotation as you cycle through the Club Membership program, you'll also receive the below AMAZING benefits:
  • ONLY $39.95/yr when we launch
  • 2-Level Referral program $10/$10
  • Earn cash bonuses of $60, $180, $720 and $7500 throughout the program
  • NO COST Deep Freezer, Laptop/Printer combo, and a Pit Barrel Cooker
  • PAID entry into our sister Housing4Life Co-Op for cash earnings to buy any house and pay for your healthcare.
  • $250 in products from Avon, Cutco, Tupperware, and JR Watkins to name a few.
  • $250 Gift Cards to The Crab Place, Fossil Farms and others
  • $500 Grocery Gift Card throughout program to help stretch grocery budget.
  • $250 Birthday Bonus
  • 10 PIF Certificates to help others save money and be rewarded
  • End of Year Participation Bonus
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