Make Bank Delivering Meat!!

Our Drivers Can Make Bank!!
Are you driving for...
Or Others?
If you're looking for a great opportunity for additional income, we're looking for you.  We need a network of delivery drivers are able to pick up cases of meat from our network of cold storages in major cities around the country and delivery them to our customers and co-op members.  

As a delivery driver, you can earn from $30 up to $110 per delivery, and it's based on the number of cases you deliver to the same customer

First Case .................................... $30
Extra Case up to 5 total .............. $20

So, if you deliver 5 cases of meat to one customer, that's $110 you'll earn.  

That's HUGE.

Additionally, as a driver you may also join our Club during pre-launch, so  that when we launch, you'll cycle and earn your own meat, money, and other bonuses as you refer others to our club and preferred customers that simply buy meat at a discount.  The more you refer, the more you can earn from the program and deliveries.

Other Benefits
  • Paid Daily for Daily Program Referrals
  • Paid to PayPal currently, Debit Card in the works
  • Additional income streams to help with housing and pay for healthcare expenses at 100%
  • NO COST Laptop for EVERY Club Member to help build business and generate sales
  • Passive and Residual income streams
  • End of Year Participation Bonus (profit sharing)

Delivery Driver Info Request

We're asking all our delivery drivers to join our launch team during pre-launch and pay a $5 one-time deposit.  The $5 deposit helps us expand our network of cold storages with meat in them and to create more awareness about our money-saving money-making program for everyone.  Also, if we don't have the cold storages or the customers and members, we can't call you to make deliveries or pay you, can we?  

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