$25,000 Car Bonus for EVERY Club Member

Every Club Member will Receive a 
$25,000 Car Bonus!!
Does your MLM company cut a check for the whole car, or do they just pay you a monthly car allowance when you hit sales goals?

The Meats4Life Club Membership will pay for each Club Member to have a car up to $25,000.  Go car shopping, use some of your earnings to make a down-payment on the car of your choice, and when you get your first bill, send us a copy of it and we'll cut a check for $25,000 to the car company you're paying.  How's that for HUGE value?  

If you viewed the colored diagram on the "How It Works" page, you'll notice that the cash bonus in Level 4 is only $2500 in the first phase and goes up to $7500 each subsequent phase.  The $5000 difference pays for your Level 5 cycle spot, which is a one-time cycle.  Level 5 pays out a $5000 cash bonus and pays the $25,000 Car Bonus to the car company where you bought your car.
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